Complete Line of Accessories from Sources to Hotlabs
Nuclear Imaging Service

NIS can provide a variety of nuclear medicine and PET specific accessories from sheet sources and universal power supplies to hotlab equipment.

Nuclear Medicine & PET Hotlab Equipment

NIS aims to keep your facility up to standard while we provide and install equipment to ensure safety and compliance with state regulations. In order to begin the process of setting up a hotlab, NIS will schedule a site visit consultation and establish preliminary correspondence and licensing as a liaison for your laboratory’s Radiation Safety Officer. NIS offers both Nuclear and PET hotlab packages for your laboratory.

Stress Systems

From high-throughput stress labs to small clinical offices, NIS delivers highly scalable solutions to meet your unique performance and productivity requirements. Systems with advanced features such as powerful analysis and diagnostic tools help enhance your stress lab productivity.

Refurbished stress systems from reliable names you can trust:


Additional options:

Automatic blood Pressure Monitor
This unit works with the Stress System to automatically measure and display a patient’s systolic and diastolic BP along with heart rate duringTreadmills the test and makes use of proprietary Dimensional K-Sound Analysis (DKA).

TM55 and TM65 Treadmills
Thousands of clinics worldwide rely on the TM55 and TM65 treadmills to deliver the accuracy and reliability required for exercise stress testing. The digitally controlled AC-drive system provides the high torque required for accurate treadmill speed and grade, regardless of patient weight.

  • Fewer moving parts reduces wear and tear
  • Controlled "soft start" for patient comfort
  • Quiet operation
  • Integrated with Burdick Quest® Cardiac Stress System Rapid deceleration option
  • Emergency stop option
  • Never requires calibration
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