Mobile Cardiac PET

Introducing the First Medicare Approved Mobile Cardiac PET in Texas
Nuclear Imaging Service
Mobile Cardiac PET Imaging

Nuclear Imaging Services created Cardiac PET Imaging to allow health care facilities and physicians to bring advanced imaging technology to their patients without the capital-intensive investment in equipment and staff required to implement these services. Cardiac PET Imaging’s Medicare approved and IAC PET certified mobile unit provides both a valuable long-term and a short-term solution to physicians looking to implement Cardiac PET into their practice

Cardiac PET Imaging Granted Accreditation
The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) has granted accreditation in PET to Cardiac PET Imaging. Receiving accreditation by the IAC means that CPI has undergone a thorough review of its operational and technical components by a panel of medical experts and has been found to provide quality patient care.

Long-Term Solution

The Cardiac PET Imaging mobile unit solution is ideal for physicians and health care facilities that lack the necessary patient densities and/or available office space required to implement a permanent in-house nuclear diagnostic imaging system. NIS provides you with the service and clinical staff needed to effectively operate the mobile unit.

Short-Term Solution

Additionally, the Cardiac PET Imaging mobile unit can be utilized by those who are currently building out an office to accommodate the future purchase of a system or already in the process of installation. Physicians can immediately begin offering patients the same imaging services they will soon be able to provide in-house and avoid referring them to hospitals or other groups.

Benefits of Mobile Cardiac PET

  • Minimal Financial Investment
  • No Build-Out Requirement
  • Flexible Schedule – 1 day per week or more
  • Comfortable Imaging Environment
  • Experienced Technologists Provided

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