Savings & Quality on OEM Parts for Nuclear, PET & PET/CT
Nuclear Imaging Service

Savings on Parts

NIS has a vast inventory of parts in stock and can offer savings up to 40% to 65% compared to the OEM list prices for Nuclear, PET and PET/CT. Our climate controlled warehouse, in addition to our strong network of nationwide suppliers, ensures our customers have access to any and all parts they request to keep their investment running and generating revenue.

Quality Parts

All parts purchased from NIS meet or exceed OEM specifications. Just like the NIS Refurbished Equipment Process, parts acquired from NIS go through a comparable refurbishment process to ensure they are in proper working condition.

Why Select NIS for Parts?

  • Expansive inventory
  • Savings up to 40% to 65%
  • Exceed OEM specifications
  • Thoroughly tested prior to shipment
  • Fully warranted

NIS Has Parts for the Following:

Philips/ADAC Cardio MD Philips/ADAC Genesys Philips/ADAC VertexPlus
Philips/ADAC Cardio MD Philips/ADAC Single Head Genesys Philips/ADAC VertexPlus
Philips/ADAC Forte Pulse Digirad Cardius 2
Philips/ADAC Forte Pulse CDC Digirad
GE Ventri GE Milennium VG GE Milennium MG
GE Ventri GM Millennium VG GE Millennium MG
Siemens C-CAM Siemens E-CAM (Single & Duel Head) PET CT
Siemens C-Cam Siemens E-CAM (Single & Dual Head) Cardiac PET
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