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State-of-the-art software for cardiovascular quantification, image review and reporting of SPECT and PET patient studies. Medical professionals worldwide use 4DM to assist with their interpretations for optimal patient care.

With a foundation of clinically validated algorithms developed at the University of Michigan, Corridor4DM provides advanced cardiovascular quantification and image displays. As a comprehensive tool for physicians and technologists, its integrated workflow includes:

  • quality assurance measures;
  • intelligent workflows for greater efficiency;
  • the quantification of myocardial perfusion, function, and viability;
  • multiple review screens; and
  • integrated reporting with customizable templates.

All of these features are available in a single, configurable application which has been commercially available for more than 10 years.

Over the years, Corridor4DM has redefined what users come to expect from nuclear cardiology quantification and review software. 4DM introduced advancements in attenuation correction and provided a single application for both SPECT and Gated Blood Pool SPECT studies. Today, 4DM continues to set high standards for quantification and image review solutions, advancing patient care by relentless pursuit of technological advancements.

In 2006, Corridor4DM incorporated PET imaging capabilities and ever since has been actively adding features, such as FDG Viability and increasing the number of normals databases. Keeping with the industry, 4DM has resources dedicated to the research and development of enhanced PET imaging accuracy and the optimization of new tracers.

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iStream Software Patient Management System

From scheduling to reporting and all points in between, iStream manages the patient from beginning to end. Features like iCalender, iLab, and iReport for nuclear and echo streamline the management process of your patients, allowing the department to know where each patient is in the process from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave.

Benefits of iStream

  • Patient Scheduling
  • Unit Doses Manager
  • Radiation Compliance Program
  • Accreditation Compliant
  • Automated Report Generation (Echo, Nuclear & PET)

Visit to begin the online tutorials and discover more ways iStream can benefit your practice.

WINSystem & zPod, Remote Review

NIS has a variety of Remote Review solutions that seamlessly integrate with numerous processing stations.


WINsystem is the complete solution for Pegasys users and allows the reader to login to our WINsystem-capture station and view your Pegasys files in real time from any preconfigured PC or laptop connected to the internet. Secure data transmission give you the reliability and security that you and your patients expect.

zPod (Zipped Patient Online Database)

zPod securely uploads and backs up your files to our redundant servers and allows the reader to download the images and gated movies to any computer with web access. Static and gated images are viewed using either Windows Media Player or Quicktime. zPod is the complete package for online archiving of data and remote access to patient images.

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