Your Local Radiopharmacy

The Nuclear Imaging Services’ radiopharmacy, NISotopes, delivers discounted isotope products and quality customer service to the Texas Gulf Coast region. From diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals and calibration sources to nuclear medicine equipment and accessories, our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to provide our customers and their patients with the best products and service 24/7.

Radiopharmaceuticals with Unparalleled Service

We understand the needs of our customers and share in their commitment to deliver exceptional patient care, and we believe our core values help to ensure your nuclear laboratory runs both efficiently and economically.

Customer Driven
NISotopes recognizes that every customer is unique, and our organization structure and understanding of the industry allows NISotopes to service each customer according to their individual needs.

Our dedication and focus to our industry provides NISotopes with the ability to continually provide innovation, ingenuity, and better solutions for our customers.

NISotopes strives to provide quality products and services to its customers and aims to continually improve our services.

Community Focused
NISotopes strives to be good corporate citizens and encourages our staff and customers to participate in and support local community affairs.


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Why Select NISotopes?

NISotopes’ highly skilled nuclear pharmacists and technicians are well qualified to deliver the industry expertise and service you expect to receive. Our team is always available to provide you with information about your radiopharmaceuticals
NISotopes can provide you with the quality radiopharmaceutical products and customized services you desire. You can be confident that you can depend on us to address your clinical and regulatory questions.
We offer a full range of technetium sources with no delivery fuel surcharges and 100% monthly return rates. We welcome any competitive quotes to ensure we are providing you with the best price available.

NISotopes Specializes in Customized Solutions for Your Facility

  • 1Full Range of Technetium Based Products
  • 2High Monthly Return Rates
  • 3No Delivery Fuel Surcharges
  • 4Customized Delivery Times
  • 5Radioactive Materials License Consulting
  • 6Online Patient Management System