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As a valued partner with NIS, we work hand in hand with you and your facility to ensure you and all appropriate departments have the necessary education, resources, and tools to be successful. From initial site planning and installation to ongoing service and technical support, NIS provides the following services in order to assist you with all aspects of facility operation:

Site Planning

  • Pre-installation site inspection
  • Consultation with facility contractors
  • Site specific layouts
  • Shielding calculations for facility

System Installation and Training

  • Insured transportation of system to facility
  • System safety check and performance testing
  • Clinical applications training for your personnel

Continuous Service and Support

  • Scheduled semi-annual preventive maintenance
  • Exceptional service and repair
  • Technical and clinical applications support
  • Nuclear preceptorship program
  • Nuclear and echocardiography accreditation support

The NIS turnkey solution provides to our customers cost-effective refurbished equipment, equipment maintenance services, radiopharmaceuticals, operational consulting, regulatory compliance and certification, technician staffing, and consumable supplies.

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