Superior Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Nuclear Imaging Services provides nationwide service for Philips/ADAC™, Siemens™, IS2™, Digirad™ and GE™ nuclear medicine equipment and PET and PET/CT systems. Our customers enjoy quality service from NIS because of our team of dedicated OEM trained field service engineers. With one simple phone call, a NIS service engineer will be there to tend to your needs.

More Than Just Equipment Service

NIS takes pride in being able to offer a full range of services to our customers with the capability of being responsive to their individual needs. Service with Nuclear Imaging Services is more than just standard equipment maintenance and repair. Our complete line of services supports the solutions that meet the specific needs and demands of physicians and allows physicians to cost-effectively setup and maintain their Nuclear or PET laboratory. Inquire today on how NIS can assist you from initial site planning to accreditation and more.

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