In July 2008, the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) was approved by Congress and enacted into law, and at this time, the HIPPA requirements apply to freestanding imaging facilities. The bill requires that by January 1, 2012, all nonhospital suppliers of the technical component of advanced diagnostic imaging services, inclusive of Nuclear Medicine, MR, CT and PET, must obtain accreditation as a condition for reimbursement.

NIS can help your facility attain nuclear and/or echocardiography accreditation. Our comprehensive IAC Nuclear/PET and IAC Echocardiography package ensures that all required standards are met by providing the following services:

Structure and Organization

  • Helps identify and correct potential problems
  • Improves the organization of the laboratory
  • Standardizes quality of patient care

Procedure and Protocols

  • Improves standardization of techniques
  • Oversees equipment and radiation safety practices
  • Provides necessary updates to your laboratory

Quality Assessment

  • Improves quality assurance and correlation
  • Ensures your facility is reviewing necessary topics
  • Provides standardization of required documentation

Our comprehensive nuclear and echocardiography packages ensure every aspect of the application process will be tailored to your facility’s laboratory needs. Accreditation by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) is a seal of approval that both physicians and patients can rely on as an indication that the facility has been thoroughly critiqued on all operational aspects by a panel of medial experts in the field of Nuclear Medicine and Echocardiography. NIS strives to make this attainable so that your facility can join the elite group of organizations that are already recognized as accredited laboratories. Even once accreditation is received, NIS will continue to provide support at no additional cost to you.