Dedicated Training & Continuous Support

NIS provides our customers with extensive applications training and support with every equipment purchase and service agreement. Our goal is to ensure your clinical staff has the support they require for both SPECT, PET, and PET/CT modalities. Our Clinical Applications support team is available and awaiting your call whenever you seek answers to your clinical questions.

Why Select NIS for Clinical Applications?

on-site training

Dedicated On-Site Training upon Equipment Installation

Site Specific Training and Equipment Manuals Provided
remote training

Remote Diagnostics and Application Support
phone support

Continuous Quality Phone Support

Nuclear and PET Preceptorships

NIS is proud to offer both a Nuclear and PET Preceptorship program to our customers. As a physician, if your goal is to be a listed as an authorized user on an existing radioactive materials license, you must then meet the classroom and clinical requirements as outlined by the regulatory agencies. NIS can help a physician achieve this goal by offering 620 hours of clinical preceptorship training needed to become an authorized user to those who have already completed the 80 hours of didactic classroom training.

Added Value and Convenience

The Nuclear and PET preceptorship program is now offered in a remote review format to help you earn the 620 hours needed to complete your license training. This program is reviewed by a full scope radiologist and will give you the necessary training to become an authorized user and read studies on your own.