Flexibility for Short or Long Term Solutions

Since 2004, NIS has proudly provided staffing solutions to both the Houston and San Antonio areas. Our team of full-time certified Nuclear Medicine Technologists are available for your temporary or permanent staffing needs. 90% of our technologists have been a part of our team at least 5+ years. These experts, whose specialties include Nuclear Medicine, PET, and Nuclear Cardiology, are available from a few hours to a few months or on a permanent basis, and because they are familiar with a wide range of equipment, there is no learning curve or downtime. They understand all nuclear accreditation and state requirements to ensure your facility runs both effectively and within compliance.

Our staffing solutions can provide your facility’s laboratory with:

  • CNMT, RT(N) & BLS certified professionals
  • Increased productivity – NIS bills per patient not per hour
  • Professional liability insurance – NIS staff is 100% covered
  • Thorough background checks
  • Nuclear accreditation Technical Director and/or staff member
  • Internal radiation compliance program
  • Vacation relief, part-time, full-time &/or permanent placement

Our staff is proud members of the following organizations:

  • American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board
  • Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging
  • American Society of Nuclear Cardiology
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologists of Houston

NIS service customers enjoy the added value of receiving flexible staffing coverage at priority request with reduced rates. It is just an additional benefit of receiving service and support through NIS.