GE Infinia Hawkeye


A high-performance dual detector hybrid SPECT/CT imaging system with the familiarity of a traditional nuclear medicine camera footprint. It provides excellent image quality for localization and attenuation correction, and its design enables both 180° and 90° orientations of the detectors for high efficiency scanning with upright and horizontal detector orientations for maximum clinical versatility.

NIS Features

  • Purchase or lease options available
  • One-year warranty with labor, travel, parts, clinical & technical support included
  • On-site applications training
  • Pre-installation site inspection
  • Site specific layout
  • Insured transportation of system to facility
  • System safety check & performance testing
  • Billing & reimbursement assistance

NIS Service Options

  • Platinum, Gold & Bronze service agreements with 99% uptime guarantee
  • Semi-annual preventive maintenance
  • Time & materials

NIS Support Options

  • IAC-Nuclear & ACR accreditation assistance
  • Patient archiving system
  • iStream patient management system
  • Invia 4DM or Cedars Sinai cardiac software package
  • Permanent or temporary certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist staffing
  • NISotopes radiopharmaceutical discount