Siemens ECAT HR+


Introduced by Siemens in 2000 as an upgraded Exact 47, the ECAT HR+ brought a new, high-resolution Bismuth Germanate (BGO) detector to the Siemens series for improved image quality. This unit is refurbished by Nuclear Imaging Services with Medical Imaging Electronics’s ECAT Scintron. The new PC-based technology of the ECAT Scintron replaces the Siemens ECAT outdated ACSII and SUN workstation units that generates faster scan times, improved reliability and longevity. The upgrade features capabilities such as list-mode acquisition, cardiac 3D acquisition, misregistration correction, SUV calculation and slice display.


NIS Features

  • Purchase or lease options available
  • One-year warranty with labor, travel, parts, clinical & technical support included
  • On-site applications training
  • Pre-installation site inspection
  • Site specific layout
  • Insured transportation of system to facility
  • System safety check & performance testing
  • Billing & reimbursement assistance

NIS Service Options

  • Platinum, Gold & Bronze service agreements with 99% uptime guarantee
  • Semi-annual preventive maintenance
  • Time & materials

NIS Support Options

  • IAC-Nuclear & ACR accreditation assistance
  • Patient archiving system
  • iStream patient management system
  • Invia 4DM or Cedars Sinai cardiac software package
  • Permanent or temporary certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist staffing
  • NISotopes radiopharmaceutical discount